JumpiXx Jumpcounter

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The JumpiXx Jumpcounter is the easiest way to count your jumps automatically!

Developed by RTI sports and Planet Jump Rope vzw.

Try it now and challenge yourself!

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The JumpiXx Jumpcounter comes with 3 functionalities:

1. Jump up: jump as long as you want. The counter displays your jumps and elapsed time.

2. Jump down: preset a number of jumps and try to finish them as fast as possible. Once the counter detected the first jump, time starts ticking. Once the counter displays “000”, your time flashes on the clock.

3. Time: set the desired jump time from 1 second up to 60 minutes. Once you start jumping, your jumps will be counted while the time is running (counter-clockwise). Your score will flash when time is finished.